First spanking family soap opera on the web


Ron`s introduction





My name is Ronald. Iím 38 year old and divorced. My occupation: Iím a bank clerk.
I live in my house with my housekeeper. Her name is Livia and she is only 19 years old.
Generally we get along with each other well but recently I have a lot of trouble with her as she is a real teen girl and sometimes she does not perform well in the housework. So some time past I had to bring in corporal punishment too, because I do not want to dismiss her.

My philosophy is if someone is disciplined strictly by using corporal punishment, generally she learns things for lifelong and will benefit from it later in her adulthood
For a teen girl like Livia needs a lot of rigour and corporal punishment in order to become a good person. The pain what the regular punishment means teaches her to be able to make a distinction between good and bad.
My principle: praise is the reward for good things but very hard punishment for the bad ones.
Iíve worked out a system on the basis of which I classify bad things and Livia gets the punishment based on this so she can always know what to expect.

As long as my housekeeper lives in this house, sheíll be disciplined by this method.




Livia`s introduction





My name is Livia. Iím 19 year old, an average teen girl. I go to school in a nearby city and I work as a housekeeper.
I live in Ron's house, but he disciplines me very severely. Because Ron's wife moved, I have to do much of the housework in addition to studies. Ron helps much for me in the learning, but if I get bad mark at school or donít do some housework then he usually punishes me very much. He said that it serves my interest and Iíll become a better person.
As I live in his house, I have to take that he disciplines me in this way. Spanking is often very painful and usually leaves a mark even on the following day, especially the caning. Therefore I get punishments on Fridays in general. Iím usually very anxious though I always know what to expect, how many and with what but itís not possible to get used to it.

On the other hand, it is also fact that Iíve got better marks at school since I get corporal punishment.




Vicky`s introduction





Iím Ronaldís girlfriend and called Vicky. Iím 24 year old. Weíve known each other with Ron for nearly 6 months. Ron is a very likeable person, jokes many times but he said that he can be very severe too though I havenít known this side of him yet.
I would like if my relationship with Ron would be long-lasting and I do everything in the interes of this. I would like to get to know him better. I would like to get to know his firends and to spend more time with him together.

I know that he disciplines his housekeeper severely and even uses corporal punishment sometimes, but he said Iíll understand this later.




Alex`s introduction





Iím Alex, Ronís friend. I live in the neighbourhood, Iíve moved to here a few years ago.
Weíve known each other since our childhood, we went to school together too.

I know all of Ronís friends and I also know Ronís disciplinary method
as he disciplines his housekeeper Livia - I think of the corporal punishment here. I donít condemn it at all as I think that a teen needs hard rigour and sometimes lighter or harder corporal punishment as well.

I know why Ron uses corporal punishment in case of Livia, and you will also find it out later...




Jessica`s introduction





Iím Jessica, 22 year old and Alexís friend's niece. I spend a couple of weeks at Alex every year. At such times I have great parties with Ronís housekeeper, Livia.
I know Livia very well, because she and me went to school together.

I know that Livia is disciplined severely and punished when she does bad thing, and I donít agree with this. I also commit bad things but I never got spanking from my parents because of this.




Natasha`s introduction





Iím Natasha, 19 year old. As a girlfriend of Livia, we spend much time together. We like partying and having fun, but our parents donít always allow it so in this case we have to keep it secret from them. Since my dad is Ronís friend, sometimes it turns out that we didnít tell the truth. At such cases we are punished. And the corporal punishment is used as a primal disciplinary method.

Lately, with Livia we are given private lessons in order to get better grades. Ron and my dad gave permission to the teacher to also punish us with spanking. At such cases, we are naked so we feel embarrassed but we are really getting better at school.

The punishment is painful so we try to behave well and to get better grades. But we are naughty teenagers so we violate the rules for the sake of a good party. At such cases, our bottoms already ache in advance because we know what hard punishment waits for us.




Smiley`s introduction





Iím Smiley, an old acquaintance of Ron.

We worked together on a same workplace a long ago.
Ron had already had a preference for applying corporal punishment as a disciplinary method. Once he showed me too what it is like to be spanked thoroughly.




Leslie`s introduction





My name is Leslie and Vicky was my girl once.

Currently, Vicky is Ronís girlfriend. And I have heard that Ron can discipline Vicky very well, who sometimes needs the corporal punishment anyway.

By the way, just like Ron, I work in the "banking business", too. :)




Lily`s introduction





I'm Lily, and old girlfriend of Natasha.

It is said that I'm a little bit pert. But I don't care about this, not even if sometimes I get punished for this.




Emma`s introduction





Iím Emma, girlfriend of Lily and Natasha.

My motto: enjoy life as much as you can and donít care about the consequences Ė live for the day.
I even donít care if the consequence is corporal punishment sometimes.




Cory`s introduction





My name is Cory.

Iím a really old girlfriend of Natasha but I also know Emma and Lily well.
If we can, we go to have a party together and enjoy life and flirting.




Viola`s introduction





Iím Viola, an old acquaintance of Livia.

We were very good girlfriends when Livia lived home and not with Ron. Livia told me that she usually gets corporal punishment as a punishment.
It turns me on a little bit because I was also already spanked (though only playfully Ė my guy spanked me before sex) but that was a good feeling. I wonder what a real spanking can be like.




Alison`s introduction





My name is Alison.

Iím twenty-three, and girlfriend of Vicky and Natasha.
Natasha already told me one or two things about Vicky so I really consider giving Vicky a lecture, and I already know how. My imagination is very good. :)




Tiffany`s introduction





Iím Tiffany and only nineteen years old.

I go to the same school with Alison and Natasha.
I know them not long ago, because I have just started going to school, but Iím in for any good party and prank.





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